19 hilariously inquisitive dogs who just want to say hello

Dogs are some of the most nosy animals we have the pleasure of owning as pets. And the following shots of doggies remind us of this quality one more time — they all want to say hello. And we’re more than happy to get acquainted!

Tell us the password first, then we’ll let you in…

I’m picking up the scent of a new friend!

Please, don’t board up the fence. I love staring at you every day.

We saw the hole and we thought — well, why not see who’s on the other side?

I expect you to come by here every morning to have a chat with me.

Woah, you’ve got a huge back yard! Can I dig a hole and come play?

I can’t see you, but I know we’re going to be best friends!

Open the gate, open the gate, open the gate, and let me in!

We love you!

I think I’m stuck…Little help here…

I spent two weeks digging this hole so I could see what you look like…

I just wanted you to know how much I love you.

Come over here and give me a kiss, neighbour!

One day we’ll break down this wall and be together forever!

I’ve been waiting here all day for you to come home.

It’s time to get rid of this fence. It’s a barrier to our friendship!

I’ll wait here until you come back. I couldn’t bear to miss your return!

Well hello there! I say, you’re beautiful and I’m rather charming myself…Let’s be friends!

At last, the world beyond the garden fence! Fascinating!

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